We take pride in our services and our relationships with our clients.  Through my various collaborations, I met wonderful people who allowed me to evolve in my expertise and give me a chance to contribute to projects that made a difference in their lives.  Here’s what they have to say about their experience.



L'univers en Moi
Garderie Éducative


Gisèle is a fabulous translator and committed to her work. Her capabilities are extensive and she was able to take very particular and detailed language which pertained to a specific industry and translate it perfectly! A million thanks, Gisèle, for the fabulous and prompt work! 



I known and worked with Gisele for years. 

So, on the most basic level, Gisele is a conscientious person--she's reliable and she works as hard as I do. On a day-to-day basis, she is one of the most consistently upbeat personalities I know--relentlessly so--in a way that is always uplifting and never cloying or overwhelming. Her personality is this wonderful balance between being strongly driven and having a nurturing personality. 

Gisele also has a strong intellect--she 'gets' what I'm doing, and consistently brings insights to the table that I haven't thought of. These insights make me think of myself and my business in new ways, which is refreshing. Gisele is always trying to improve things--processes and approaches especially. This is always done in a respectful manner while keeping her eye on the mission of my business. 

For me, she is an ideal support person--conscientious, reliable, gets the task done on time and on budget. And later, when needed, she and I can talk about how to improve these admin processes in a way that aligns with the limitations of my business (I am a one-man show) as well as its goals and missions. 

I heartily recommend Gisele for others like me who could use some admin support to take their business to the next level.

Lawrence Ignaczak
Sales and Marketing Consultant/ Business Development

Gisele is a person of action and passion. Put a challenge in front of her and not only will she realize it was part of her purpose; but she will perform at such a high level, that the obstacles will literally melt away. There is nothing Gisele will not be able to tackle within a reasonable amount of time: once she sets it in her mind; and determines the best course of action. Anyone that brings her on- board will realize the wisdom in making that decision.